To coincide with World Environment Day, The Ismaili is pleased to present two short films produced by Prince Hussain, demonstrating the natural beauty of the oceans and the delicate ecosystems they support.

We know that climate change is affecting life across our seven continents, but might sometimes forget about the seas and oceans that cover over 70 per cent of our planet. Through his organisation, Focused on Nature, Prince Hussain is hoping to change that.

Prince Hussain has brought attention to the plight of our world before through his books, and as seen in his recent photo exhibitions The Living Sea and Fragile Beauty, his attention is currently focussed on our oceans.

In the film Beacons of Hope, which he co-produced with Simone Piccoli, the focus is on bottlenose dolphins, clarion angelfish, manta rays that can grow as wide as seven metres, whales swimming with their young, and four species of sharks.

Prince Hussain appears in the film in a series of interviews that highlight the interaction between ecosystems and species found in the waters off the Revillagigedo Islands in Mexico. He speaks about his encounters with a variety of sea creatures there — sharks in particular — and refers to Fins Attached, one of the charities he helps fund. “We need to do everything we can to save sharks,” he said, speaking of the 100 million sharks that are killed by human activities every year.

His other film, entitled 7 Seas Episode 1 — Egypt, is shot in Sataya Reef, along Egypt’s Red Sea coast, where Prince Hussain spent time swimming with and photographing spinner dolphins, against a backdrop of crystal clear waters.

“Our oceans are teeming with stunning, playful, and intelligent wildlife, but a great many species are sadly at risk of extinction,” said Prince Hussain.

“These films aim to offer a glimpse into the underwater ecosystem and raise awareness of the threats it currently faces. Through caring for our planet as a whole, I hope we can preserve the beauty, biodiversity and health of our oceans for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.”

As with his exhibitions and books, both films explore our relationship with nature and increase understanding of the underwater world. Through his work, Prince Hussain illuminates and advocates for what is often called the last great unexplored frontier: our oceans.


The films Beacons of Hope and 7 Seas will premiere on The Ismaili TV on World Environment Day, 5 June, at the following times: 4 am, 10 am, 3 pm, and 7 pm (London); 7 am, 1 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm (Dubai); 5 am, 10 am, 2 pm, and 7:30 pm (Toronto).

For more information on Prince Hussain’s work, visit the Focused On Nature website.