Our history tells us that many scientists thrived in Muslim civilisations – their curiosity to understand the world driving some of the key developments that took place in their time. A new series on The Ismaili TV shines a spotlight on members of the Jamat working on the forefront of scientific and technological advancement, continuing a long tradition of innovation.

The weekly series, entitled Science & Technology Unleashed, will highlight industry leaders, scientists, and experts in their fields from the global Jamat. Each episode, the first of which will air tomorrow, will also share recent science and technology news, and dive deeper into Islam’s historical contribution to the development of scientific knowledge. The series will uncover key insights into profound questions about who we are and the universe we inhabit, helping us understand what makes innovation possible and demonstrating how technological advances allow scientists to examine nature more deeply and tease out her secrets. 

At the foundation laying ceremony for the Aga Khan Academy in Dhaka in 2008, Mawlana Hazar Imam said:

“World and faith are inseparable in Islam. Faith and learning are also profoundly interconnected. The Holy Qur’an sees the discovery of knowledge as a spiritual responsibility, enabling us to better understand and more ably serve God’s creation. Our traditional teachings remind us of our individual obligation to seek knowledge unto the ends of the earth —- and of our social obligation to honour and nurture the full potential of every human life.”

As important as science and technology are today, their importance is set to become even more so in the future: Imagine a world where we understand our genetic code so well that medical procedures and drugs are tailored to each individual to ensure optimal benefit or where human beings live and thrive on successful colonies spread across the solar system. That world, previously available only in science fiction novels, is almost here.    

New advances, innovations, and opportunities: these are the central themes of Science and Technology Unleashed.  The series explores mankind’s innate desire to understand the order and harmony that governs the natural world we inhabit. That curiosity – and our propensity to come up with creative ways to apply that knowledge – has bequeathed us a staggering legacy of scientific and technological achievements, much of it barely a century old.  

Over the course of the series, we will meet Ismaili scientists, engineers, and innovators spanning a broad spectrum of science and technology fields. These individuals are developing remarkable new technologies, who are at the leading-edge of discovery, and who have leveraged their advanced skills to find success as start-up entrepreneurs, data and software scientists, and consultants. We will meet individuals who knew what they wanted to do from a young age, and others who took time to find their niche. We will discover what inspired them and what drove them forward. Many speak of passion, persistence, and the unconditional support from their parents to pursue their dreams — even when they did not fully know what those dreams were.

The first episode of Science & Technology Unleashed, airing on 26 October, will explore the fields of astronomy, space, and the immensity of divine creation. The episode will feature aerospace engineer Dr Farah Alibay and astrophysicist Dr Farzana Meru.

Future episodes will touch on subjects such as neuroscience, mental health, robotics, artificial intelligence, and more.

Join us on The Ismaili TV for an exploration into the world of science and technology.


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