Since Navroz this year, every special occasion in 2020 has been celebrated quite differently to what we are used to — and this New Year’s Eve will be no different. With many stuck at home and large gatherings prohibited around the world, The Ismaili TV is pleased to provide the opportunity to celebrate the start of 2021 as One Jamat — in your very own home.

In which time zone will The Ismaili TV ring in 2021? All of them, of course! In a unique celebration, lasting 24 hours, we will ring in 2021 in 22 different time zones so that we can mark this occasion with the global Jamat. With a combination of music from bands in India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, USA, and Canada, as well as DJs from the East to the West, the global Jamat will be well entertained. Whether you want to hear some classic oldies as you enjoy an evening at home with the family, or you want to be dancing in your living room, there is something for everybody. Even if you already have plans for midnight, tune in any time of the day, and see in the New Year with your brothers and sisters around the world.

The celebrations start at 10 AM UTC time on 31 December and run until 10 AM UTC time on 1 January 2021. The first Jamat to see in the New Year will be in Auckland, New Zealand. In a special partnership with the Aga Khan Social Welfare Board for the United Kingdom, the evening will also feature a music party entitled Naya Saal, Nayi Umeed meaning New Year, New Hope.

This will truly be an occasion to celebrate 2021 as One Jamat.