In order to improve their performance, organisations often hire the services of management consultants. But what exactly is a management consultant, and what do they do?

Careers of the Future is an original series airing exclusively on The Ismaili TV, where students and young professionals can hear directly from Ismailis at the leading edge of their fields about how to most effectively prepare for the future of work.

In Episode 11, we heard from Amyn Merchant, a managing director and a senior partner at Boston Consulting Group, based in New York City. His work focuses on global plant networks, the launching of new products, and ways to get products to the market, both on the supply chain and production sides.

Perhaps one of the most popular fields in the business world at present is management consulting. Many major companies and institutions hire consultants to aid in solving complex issues linked with marketing, sales, logistics, administration, and more. These consultants are professional experts who aim to enhance an organisation’s financial and organisational performance by providing ideas and strategies backed by large amounts of research, data, and analysis.

Amyn shared his experience of working at a consulting firm and provided insights on the future of management consulting. He also shared the essential skill-sets required to succeed in the field.On a daily basis, the job entails analysing company data, interviewing client employees, preparing presentations and business proposals, and managing the team in charge of putting these ideas into action.

Amyn began by describing the role of a management consultant, emphasising how it acts as a “doctor” for firms by providing solutions. He also discussed the impact of pandemic-like situations on this field and suggested that students be dynamic in their approach to their careers. He also advised youth to work on their communication and creativity skills to provide a better client experience.

The constant travel, exposure to senior company leaders, and opportunity to work on complex business issues has contributed to the glamour commonly associated with the field. While all these are excellent aspects of this field, a career as a management consultant does require one to be critical, hardworking, effective, and passionate about achieving the goal.

Towards the end of the episode, Amyn shared some ways for students to prepare and explore a career in this field. He suggests that they gain as much experience through their projects and volunteer work in order to explore, gain, and develop the essential skills for management consulting.

Amyn also emphasised that networking plays a pivotal role in preparing for a career in this field. Making connections can allow an individual to find a mentor who will help them learn about the different options available to them, and make the right choices in order to achieve their career goals.

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