Meet Eshan Lakhani, a young, passionate musician from Australia who turned the mundane beat of pots and pans into a symphony of inspiration.

Eshan's journey started at the tender age of two when doctors diagnosed him with global development delay, a condition that interferes with a child’s learning and growth. It marked a challenging period for his parents, Erum and Imran. His subsequent growth stands as a testament to the courage of his family to forge ahead on this demanding path.

The story is one of Eshan's triumphs—a musical odyssey that began with the rhythmic beats of pots and pans in his home, much like any other child. At the age of four, he graduated to a children’s drum set, showcasing a natural talent for playing rhythms and rhymes.

Eshan made a debut public performance at this age before a modest audience, followed by a transition to professional-level drums at six years of age. Formal training commenced at seven, and the Jubilee Arts programme became a catalyst for Eshan's confidence. His stage performance at a qualifier event in Melbourne in 2017 propelled him to where he stands today, according to his mother, Erum. 

This paved the way for a performance at the International Arts Festival in Portugal a year later, in front of a global audience, including members of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s family—an immensely proud moment for Eshan and his family. He was just eight years old at the time.

From there, Eshan’s trajectory skyrocket as he played alongside musical stars like Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Hariharan, Karan Aujla and graced prestigious venues in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.

“The right therapy at the right time,” says Erum, “coupled with support from the extended family and community, and, most importantly, his determination, made all the difference.”

Erum believes that music has significantly contributed to Eshan's development, providing him with satisfaction and contentment: “For Eshan, music is like a magnetic attraction; he has always connected with it. It's a form of expression for him.” 

Since performing in public has been so beneficial, Eshan applied for and obtained a 'premium busker' permit, which enables him to play his drums on the streets of Melbourne. He is now a regular busker with a fan base that spans several countries including New Zealand, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, and Brazil, via social media. 

“Social media has played a huge positive part in Eshan’s journey,” says his father, Imran. “Altogether he has around half a million followers online.”

“People don’t know about his health condition, the focus is on the advanced talent of this young performer, well beyond his age, and he is followed by the Mayor, many MPs and Ministers.”

“Eshan's birth was difficult and times were challenging,” Imran adds, “however the support of the City of Melbourne, Government, family and community has been truly astounding.”

The Australian Government's support for young musicians like Eshan has inspired Erum and Imran to assist other parents facing similar situations.

In adolescence, Eshan's diverse talents now extend to playing instruments like the keyboard and violin, along with dancing, and enjoying the music of artists he looks up to.

“I love Justin Bieber, BTS, Atif Aslam, and PSY in particular,” he said enthusiastically.

Today, enrolled at the Rowville Institute of Arts—a prestigious school of music —Eshan explores various instruments and even revels in singing. His natural ear for rhythm enables him to play any tune after a single listening.

Despite the challenges, Erum and Imran love watching their son blossom and enjoy his music. Eshan, in turn, adores his audiences, relishing every performance. As parents, witnessing his passion makes the journey worthwhile.