This week, on our fourth episode of Trailblazers, we are joined by Rahim Daya, CEO of Barclays Private Bank, Switzerland, as well as the head of Middle East at Barclays. Based in Dubai, Rahim is responsible for the management and strategy of Barclays, Middle East, and is a drummer for the band, Khayal, having performed all across the globe, including at the Diamond Jubilee Celebration in Lisbon in 2018.

“I will do my absolute best, I will work hard and I will create opportunities and maximize them as they arise,” said Rahim, in speaking about his plan when starting his career. On this course of action, Rahim worked tirelessly and assiduously, leading him to his current position.

In sharing his strategy for dealing with pressure, Rahim said he spends his time focusing on what he can control and doesn’t worry about the things he knows he has no influence over.

“Focus on what you control, do everything you possibly can to get to the desired outcome,” he said.

Articulating his view on investing, Rahim’s perspective is that it is important to invest so that people can build a support system for future generations of their families.

“I have a strong conviction that being invested, staying invested, and being diversified is really important.”

Finally, in reminding us of our calling to serve with humility, Rahim shares his thoughts on traditional philanthropy versus sustainable investing, and how they both play a prominent role in the world today. Providing words of inspiration to those seeking to write their own stories, Rahim shares with us his everyday motto “every minute or every hour that we spend following someone else's story is a minute or an hour lost on ours.”

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