Careers of the Future is a new original series airing on The Ismaili TV, where students can hear directly from members of the Jamat at the leading edge of their fields about how to most effectively prepare for the future of work.

In our second episode, we heard from Rehana Ladak, Head of Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture and Education at the European Commission, the executive body of the European Union. 

Rehana discussed career paths in the public service sector, and provided an insight on the importance of this field, challenges faced, skills required, and how students can prepare and obtain the necessary skills to succeed. 

She began by emphasising critical thinking, negotiation, problem-solving, communication, implementation and more, as important skills for public service work. Rehana believes that jobs in public service are going to be retained, despite the development of technology leading to overall job losses.

Rehana also shared the importance of values, which she believes are important to succeed in this field, like public interest, keeping up the highest standards of integrity, accountability, and transparency. 

Finally, for students to obtain and practise these skills, Rehana suggested ways to get involved and obtain experience. She encourages participating in exchange programmes which allow students to become exposed to different cultural backgrounds and traditions and can boost their self-esteem. Also, she shared tips on looking for internships and placement jobs by National Public Services and even volunteering opportunities provided by local authorities. The episode is now available to watch at The Ismaili TV On Demand.

The third episode of Careers of the Future will feature an interview with Azmina Karim, a senior user experience designer at Audible. The interview will explore the future of work for students interested in user interface and user experience design and will air on Saturday 28 November live on The Ismaili TV