On the occasion of International Women's Day, The Ismaili is excited to present an exclusive video interview featuring two accomplished diplomats, Nurjehan and Aliya Mawani. Their discussion recounts the journeys, challenges, and triumphs in their work and lives thus far.

In the interview, mother and daughter Nurjehan and Aliya, distinguished figures in their respective spheres, share unique perspectives on the evolving role of women in shaping global affairs. From navigating complex negotiations to promoting gender equality on the international stage, they offer valuable insights into the transformative power of female leadership.

Nurjehan Mawani, former chair and CEO of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, with her extensive experience in public service, brings a wealth of knowledge to the conversation. Her diplomatic acumen, Jamati service, and commitment to advocating for minority and women's rights have earned her admiration at home and abroad.

Meanwhile, Aliya Mawani, Ambassador of Canada to the state of Kuwait, exemplifies the resilience and determination of women in diplomacy. Her innovative approach to addressing local and regional challenges has garnered recognition and, along with her mother, has inspired aspiring diplomats in Canada and beyond.

Throughout the conversation, Nurjehan and Aliya reflect on the progress made in advancing equality and progress in the world, as well as the obstacles that still lie ahead. Their inspiring stories serve as a rallying cry for women and men everywhere to pursue their passions while advocating for justice and serving the greater good.

On International Women’s Day, join us for this illuminating episode of Trailblazers on The Ismaili TV.