Finding the right way to communicate, reflect on, and address conflicts can help increase harmony in our lives despite the challenges life may present. This process is vital for building harmony into the practice of mediation. The theme for Mediation Week this year is “Mediate first - Harmony from now to beyond.”

Every October, the Ismaili Conciliation and Arbitration Boards (CABs) observe Mediation Awareness Week. This year, The Ismaili TV presents a series of wide-ranging programmes to commemorate Mediation Week 2022, intended to stimulate meaningful conversations with family and friends.

The new series will cover various early conflict resolution and prevention topics. The insightful conversations will be led by experienced speakers and will provide members of the Jamat with valuable advice for preparing for the future with hope and confidence. This week we will feature the following episodes: 

  • Day 1: The role of civil society in resolving conflicts
  • Day 2: Preparing for the future using the Guidelines for Ethical Wealth Transfer and Inheritance Planning 
  • Day 3: Understanding intergenerational differences through dialogue
  • Day 4: Resolving conflicts through diplomacy and peacebuilding
  • Day 5: Finding communal strength and resilience through personal healing

Throughout its history, the Shia Ismaili Muslim community has maintained a tradition of resolving disputes and differences through a voluntary process of mediation, conciliation and arbitration.

In 1986, Mawlana Hazar Imam established a global institutional framework of Conciliation and Arbitration Boards (CABs) to provide dispute resolution services for Ismailis at the regional, national and international level. Currently, the CAB system consists of 19 National Conciliation and Arbitration Boards (NCABs) that operate in various jurisdictions.

The mandate of the CAB is to assist parties with differences or disputes arising from commercial, matrimonial, testate and intestate succession, and other civil liability matters in an equitable, efficient, confidential, cost-effective, amicable and constructive manner. In doing so, CABs' services are underpinned by Islamic principles of unity, brotherhood, justice, tolerance, peace and goodwill.

In an increasingly complex and challenging world, we are encouraged to reflect not only on our individual lives but also on our responsibility to broader society. By finding harmony in our personal and professional lives, we can help to improve the quality of life in our communities and societies. For more information about CAB, including resources from previous Mediation Awareness Week programmes, please visit


The series of short films will air this week on The Ismaili TV. To find out show times in your time zone, visit the live page, or watch the episodes on demand.