Shamim Semmy has provided care for numerous coronavirus patients and though it is difficult to enforce strict isolation protocols, she has persevered and taken it in stride.

One of the many hurdles she’s encountered has been explaining the necessity of strict isolation for Covid-19 patients, many of whom do not grasp how important isolation is to their recovery. She’s also taken extra initiative in updating family members more frequently since they are not allowed in the isolation space.

Shamim’s journey in healthcare started when she was a young student and her father suffered a heart attack. He was rushed to the Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. This experience served as a springboard to immerse herself in the study of medicine and healthcare. Her father’s nurses and doctors became heroes to her, titans of their trade, and inspired her to undertake a career in nursing.  Shamim graduated from the Aga Khan University School of Nursing in 1985 in her hometown of Karachi, Pakistan, and she completed her bachelor’s degree a few years later in 1996. 

Shamim worked as a nurse at AKUH for 15 years before moving to Dallas and has now been a nurse at Baylor Scott & White Medical Centre in Irving, Texas for 17 years.

“I have learned that life is short and unexpected and instead of focusing on material things, we should focus on spending time with family and loved ones,” Shamim said.