Shabana Kapadia is a clinical project leader for virtual health programmes at Fraser Health Authority in Vancouver, Canada. As part of the Covid-19 pandemic response, she is leading a clinical project for mobile home health monitoring in an effort to prevent congestion in local hospitals.

The project is a web-based application that uses remote patient monitoring technology to enable clinicians to manage symptoms of Covid-19 positive patients and their contacts at home so they can continue to maintain self-isolation. The monitoring clinicians receive real-time data as soon as patients upload their daily monitoring plan. The alert feature in the programme enables monitoring clinicians to set priorities and respond to high-risk patients in a timely manner.

Shabana completed a double Master’s degree in Health Informatics and Nursing at the University of Victoria. She came to Canada in 1990 as a landed immigrant from Karachi, Pakistan. She is married with two children.

“While we are exercising social isolation, we must care for each other as one Jamat. Reach out to members of the Jamat who may benefit from your help while maintaining social distancing, such as assisting the elderly with online grocery shopping, or using online tools to virtually visit members of the Jamat who are in nursing homes. Let us find innovative ways to keep the spirit of seva alive.”