It was Samira Kabani, a nurse manager in Karachi, who received one of the first Covid-19 patients at the Aga Khan University Hospital.

“As soon as we received the patient in February, I, along with my other nursing colleagues, built a set of tools — algorithms with defined testing criteria — for the admission and management of suspected and confirmed patients,” she said of her experience as one of the key team members behind the launch of 24/7 services for coronavirus patients at the hospital.

Samira is always on the move as she coordinates the care of patients provided by over 50 on-campus and off-campus nurses. The marks from her tight-fitting protective mask are etched on her skin, but she remains committed to providing compassionate care to all her patients.

Inspired by her mother, Mrs Roshan Ara Kabani, who graduated from the Aga Khan University in 1983, Samira pursued her nursing diploma. Now she is working as a nurse manager in family health services. She resides in Karachi and attends the Nizari Jamatkhana.

Samira's words for the Jamat are as follows: "We knew it was not going to be easy and it will only get tougher. But we will get through this and we will help as many patients and their families as we can."