Based in Dubai, UAE, Nadia Nizar Ali is currently working as an emergency nurse at the Belhoul Speciality Hospital in Dubai. Her passion for serving the community is what motivates her to remain on the frontlines, helping to fight Covid-19 as part of a healthcare team.

Nadia said her job is now more challenging than ever, both physically and emotionally, as she is working with patients in the emergency unit, some with symptoms of the virus. Her role beyond just treating patients includes communicating with them about their condition and helping express their feelings and concerns. She finds it her utmost priority to help her UAE community come out of this pandemic.

Nadia has been serving the community for many years and was a part of the Aga Khan Scouts and Guides. The programme motto, "Lend a Hand" along with her passion for serving the community inspired her to take up nursing. Nadia completed her education at the Aga Khan University Hospital School of Nursing in Karachi, Pakistan, and said she finds helping others to be one of the most encouraging elements of her profession. 

Nadia’s advice for the Jamat is as follows: "Don’t be too stressed as it does not help your immunity.  We are all together and we will be out of this soon. Enjoy your time at home with your loved ones, eat healthy food, and be regular in your prayers. Keep all precautions and keep loving your family, share joy and happiness, and stay strong.”