When the pandemic started, Dr Tasneem Yamani-Nurani’s home-based practice saw an increase in demand, which she worked hard to meet because home-based care can lead to a reduction in unnecessary hospital visits, improved monitoring and follow up of medical conditions, and prompt actions that prevent admissions to hospital in critical situations as much as possible.

Dr Yamani-Nurani grew up in Nairobi spending most of her free time with her father, also a doctor, at his clinic and on medical rounds, where she discovered her interest in medicine. 

She followed her father’s footsteps by attending University of Nairobi, completed an internship at Meru Provincial Hospital, then worked for the government. Thereafter, she joined the private sector and gained multiple perspectives on how the healthcare system operated.

Today, in addition to her home-based practice, Dr Yamani-Nurani is the Principal Medical Officer and head of the Health Services Department at the United States International University. She is also currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health and Special Interests with Certification in Geriatric Medicine.

Her message for the Jamat is that “We are all responsible for our health and the right practices for a healthy life begin here and now … Create an environment that contributes to successful and healthy ageing.”