Dr Saifuddin Hemat has been fighting on the frontlines of the Covid-19 crisis as the health information system head at the Aga Khan Health Service in Afghanistan.

Since the pandemic began, Dr Hemat has developed a plan to coordinate with stakeholders at the national and regional level, conducted health education campaigns to increase awareness of Covid-19, and he has also volunteered with the National Council for Afghanistan as part of the Emergency Operation Centre, which was created in response to the Covid-19 outbreak in Afghanistan.

During his time in the medical field, Dr Hemat has worked in monitoring and evaluation, project management, and contract and grant management with a variety of national and international NGOs and governmental organisations for almost 17 years, bringing much-needed experience to the health sector. Dr Hemat says he “believes in public health and is committed to spend his time and experience for the improvement of public health.”

During this difficult time, Dr Hemat has a message of advice for the Jamat.

“It is very important for us to follow instructions about Covid-19 from reliable sources such as the World Health Organisation, the health ministry of the country, and the agencies of the AKDN. To fight against Covid-19, everyone has their vital roles. This means that not only health professionals, but also the cooperation and support of multi-sectors and the community, are needed to succeed.”