Diamond Jubilee Theme 3 – Celebrating Diversity: Understanding Ourselves and Others, Embracing Difference provided the Dhaka Jamat an opportunity to participate in two lively events that took place at the Social Hall of the Ismaili Jamatkhana and Centre

The first was the much-anticipated Global Village was held on December 15, 2017, where the diverse cultures of the Dhaka Jamat were showcased through a number of stalls representing the food, dress, art, music and scenes of daily life of various cultures, including Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Canadian and Syrian. From Bangladeshi pithas to pancakes with real Canadian maple syrup, from Pamiri caps to Gujarati pagris, from Bengali dancing to Pakistani ajrak, the Jamat was treated to a colourful display of sights, sounds and tastes. Perhaps most popular in the age of social media were the ‘selfie corners’ – where you could become a snowman or a villager getting water from a kuwa (well)!

The final event of the theme, Cultural Night, was a fitting culmination held on February 01, 2018. After weeks of practice, members of the Jamat from the youngest to the oldest showcased their talents in dance, music and drama to a packed audience. The rousing performances, including Indian, Bengali, Pakistani, Canadian, UAE etc, expressed the cultural diversity of our Jamat and, at the same time, upheld the spirit of pluralism and ‘One Jamat’.

In addition to these two exciting events, the Communications and Publications Committee –who was leading this theme 3, also organised a number of seminars, sessions and workshops on the theme, which helped various segments of the Jamat to understand the meaning and importance of pluralism.