What is STEM?

  • STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

  • Exposure to STEM develops vital skills that are highly accredited by the ever developing workforce.

What is the Global STEM Festival?

  • The Global STEM Festival is an opportunity to inspire children and young adults to learn something new about STEM and to celebrate their achievements.

  • It is an opportunity for 5 to 18 year olds and their parents to engage in STEM activities at home, documenting one of their own projects and sharing it with the global Jamat.

  • It is also an opportunity for the Jamat to learn from these students and to be inspired to acquire new competencies in areas related to STEM.

When will the Global STEM Festival take place?

  • The Festival is from June 26th to September 12th. During this period, participants will explore various STEM activities at home; create a project (individually or in a group); make a video recording of the project, upload it to YouTube and submit the video link through the online submission form.

  • The Festival Finale will occur during the weekend of the 18th/19th September 2021. All projects will be showcased to the global Jamat on the.ismaili/stemfestival and The Ismaili TV.

Who can participate in the Global STEM Festival?

  • The Festival is open to 5 to 18 year olds from the global Jamat.

  • The projects can be submitted in the participants preferred language.

How can I participate in the Global STEM Festival?

What type of project is it?

  • As long as it is related to STEM and within the 5 categories, you are free to make whatever you want
  • The project does not have to be complicated - the most important goal is that you learn something new whilst carrying out your project

What do I need to do?

  1. Register here now 

  2. Create a project related to STEM - it can be anything, from an experiment to a presentation!

  3. Make a video recording of your project. You can showcase videos, presentations, photos, drawings or written work of your project.

  4. Upload your project onto YouTube by following these instructions

  5. Submit the video link through the online submission form between June 26th and September 12th.

  6. Join us for the Festival Finale on the weekend of 18th/19th September at the.ismaili/stemfestival where you'll get to see and celebrate all the projects submitted and more!

What happens after I register?

  • After registering, you will receive newsletters to the email account registered with, based on each of our themes with lots of content and inspiration on how to solve problems. The first newsletter will be sent out on July 4th. Don’t worry if you’ve missed a newsletter, you’ll find them all on the resources page of the GSF website

How do I document my projects?

  • Showcase videos, photos, drawings, written work, etc. with a video recording.

What is the deadline for enrollment?

  • Participants can enroll until 8th August 2021.

What is the deadline for submitting projects?

  • You can submit your projects via your personal YouTube account and the online submission form anytime between June 26th and September 12th 2021.

Who can I talk to if I have any questions?

  • If you have any questions or would like the contact us, feel free to send us an email to [email protected]. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do I have to design a project from scratch?

  • No, the objective is for the participant to become more familiar with STEM concepts. You can carry and develop projects ideas that other people have done before and make it more relevant to the world around you (on a local or global scale).

Should parents participate in this project?

  • Yes! Parents are encouraged to participate in this Festival by accompanying their child throughout the whole journey - from finding inspiration; learning the key concepts needed for the project; as well as developing, recording, and submitting their project and of course participating in the Festival Finale together.

Can I work with other people on a project?

  • Absolutely! You can submit your own project or work with friends and submit one together as a group.

What are the guidelines for the project?

When making your video recording, here are some things you should keep in mind and NOT use:

  • Mawlana Hazar Imam or the Seal of the Imamat in the shot - avoid Mawlana Hazar Imam related material please!
  • Devotional content that is not ITREB sanctioned/approved (e.g. coding an app that lets you listen to ginans)
  • Copyrighted material of any sort - this may include music, videos, images and confidential material in the design or delivery of the project. If you wish to include music, videos and images online, please use royalty free media.

Will my child be identified?

  • The Global STEM Festival team will not identify your child.  We recommend you protect the participant’s identity by not disclosing their name, age or where they are from in the video. If you do so, we assume you feel comfortable with the participant’s details appearing online.

Will the participants be receiving certificates? 

  • Yes, all participants that make a submission to the Global STEM Festival will receive a certificate for participation. 

Instructions on how to use Google Translate

Please note, this feature may not work on all resources listed on the Global STEM Festival website

1.    Click and copy the URL of the page you would like to translate

2.      Go to https://translate.google.com/ and paste the link into the box on the left hand side. Choose the preferred language above the box on the right hand side.

3.      Click on the link that appears in the right hand side box. Links to PDF files on the website will also be translated should the file size not be too large

How to translate closed-captions on a YouTube video

1.    Select and load the YouTube video you would like to translate.











2.    Click on the cog wheel on the lower right hand corner and select Subtitles/CC.

3.     Select the auto-generated language (in the image below, it is English).

4.     Select Subtitles/CC again.

5.     Select Auto-translate.

6.     Select the preferred language of the subtitles and they will appear at the bottom of the video player.

Please note the automated subtitling is accurate the majority of the time.  However we advise parental supervision as these are YouTube automated subtitles.

How to convert a Powerpoint Project into a Video?

GSF21 video