#OneJamatServes Virtual Acts of Service Challenge

The COVID-19 Pandemic has led to us all staying home and practicing physical distancing causing us to take on new challenges, adapt to unprecedented changes and require assistance. Many of us have the desire to serve, to help our families, friends and communities. In commemoration of Global Youth Service Day, #OneJamatServes is an opportunity for you to join a global virtual service movement!

Global Encounters calls on youth from all over the world to initiate, encourage, and share acts of service and kindness that are appropriate in today’s new context of physical distancing through the #OneJamatServes social media campaign.

Through online challenges that involve completing and posting acts of service from home and nominating friends and family to join and do the same, we hope to inspire hope and connection while supporting those who are most vulnerable and improving our communities and planet.

Here's how to #OneJamatServes

  1. Pick an act of service. New service acts are released every Wednesday.
  2. Take a photo or video that shows you performing the act.
  3. Post the photo/video to your social media with #OneJamatServes and tag 3 friends to challenge.
  4. Send your post to us to be featured in our Instagram story!

Instagram: @GlobalEncounters
Facebook: @GlobalEncountersFamily
Webform: https://tinyurl.com/onejamatserves-submission


  • Who can participate in the #OneJamatServes challenge?
    • The challenge is for all Global Ismaili Youth, regardless of participation in Global Encounters.
  • What are the service acts?
    • The 12 service acts are:

Spread Facts: Promote behaviours to stop the spread of COVID-19

Help At Home: Help your household with chores, cleaning and cooking

Advocate: Speak up for and take action on issues that you care about

Be Green: Plant a tree of garden and reuse, reduce, recycle

Protect Mental Health: Reach out, support, be mindful

Connect: Place a call or send a message to an elder or friend who may need support

Support The Hungry: Donate to your local food bank or charity

Virtually Tutor: Read, mentor, teach and share knowledge

Spread Kindness: Spread generosity, positivity and love

Donate: Support a charity or organization making a difference

Promote Pluralism: Promote diversity, culture, and inclusion

Show Gratitude: Thank those on the front lines, teachers, family, and friends

  • Can I do a different act of service?
    • Of course! We are excited to hear your service ideas and see you in action.
  • What is Global Youth Service Day?
    • Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) is the largest youth service and civic action event in the world and the only one that celebrates and builds the capacity of all youth ages 5-25 to help our communities and democracy thrive by working together for the common good. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GYSD has been extended through June 19, 2020.