Service learning is an integral aspect of Global Encounters and is a skill that greatly benefits the home countries of Global Encounters Alumni as well as alumni themselves. Service learning combines service to a community with learning to promote growth and add value to both the community and the alumni. The 60 Service Projects in commemoration of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee is an opportunity for Alumni to apply their knowledge and skills to address the real-life needs of their communities while gaining experience and learning in the process.

Through the 60 Service Projects process, Global Encounters Alumni will be supported by the Alumni Association to find, develop and execute their service learning project. The project will inspire Alumni to:

  • Develop partnerships with community organizations;
  • Conceive and complete a service learning project that is for and with the community;
  • Contribute meaningfully to civil society through a lens of sustainable development;
  • Evaluate and reflect on service learning to promote further growth; and
  • Include and engage friends, family and the Global Jamat in service learning.
  • Exemplar projects and a detailed project outline will be made available shortly. Applications for 60 Service Projects will open in 2020