CONNECT is a virtual programme for Ismaili youth from around the world. Learn more about our four exciting themes, read a summary of our three blocks of the day and see a sample daily schedule! 


No matter which camp you choose, some elements of the CONNECT experience are the same. 

All CONNECT camps provide you with opportunities to meet, get to know and bond with Ismaili peers from around the world. All camps offer workshops where you can explore a new interest, develop a passion, and learn new skills. Finally, all camps include opportunities to explore and engage with faith, ethics and the exceptional work of the AKDN, and to take action on the pressing issues facing our globe. 



Entrepreneurship and Technology

Have you ever had a brilliant business idea but have no idea where to start? Are you a visionary with a view that innovation is a key force to drive change in communities? Explore how entrepreneurship and technology have transformed communities around the world. Collaborate with others to kickstart your own venture. Join us to push the frontiers and engage with mentors to discover your passion! 

Health and Wellness

The world is an interesting and constantly changing place and if we can be more aware and in control of our wellness, it can be a far more exciting and colourful place! Are you committed to the importance of sound body, mind and soul? Are you interested in a career in healthcare? Has living through a pandemic this past year opened your eyes to the critical importance of good health systems and policies? Join us to engage with your global peers to take action on your own health, promote holistic wellbeing for others and learn about new innovations in the field of healthcare.  

Arts and Culture

Are you a creative soul eager to meet kindred spirits? Have you always wanted to explore your artistic side or develop a new passion? Are you moved by the transformative power of culture to affect change in communities through space, time and land? Join us as we discover  the rich heritage and legacies of the past, while creating innovative and inspiring pathways for the future. Whether you have been in the arts for years or whether you are new to the arts and eager to explore, this camp is for you!    

Climate Change and Environmental Action

Are you a climate change enthusiast or simply curious about the environment? Are you eager to learn about and address one of the most pressing issues facing our planet? During our week together, you will: meet and work with artists, entrepreneurs and experts; get inspired by real-world examples of people making change in their home communities to protect our precious earth; explore innovative green solutions; and collaborate with new friends to take action on the environment. Whether you are a climate advocate, a person who loves nature or an innovative thinker, join us on this journey!



Every day at camp will vary based on the theme, featured guests, and special activities. 

However, you can expect that each day will have four key components: CABIN, EXPLORE, CREATE, and GATHER

EXPLORE: Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)

CONNECT offers opportunities for youth to learn about, discuss and take action on the pressing issues that face our world.  Our programmes are created in collaboration with agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN).

Through virtual field trips, participants will see the innovative work of AKDN, hear from voices on the ground and learn about the impact on communities. 

Participants will have opportunities to deepen their understanding of the AKDN's work and the ethics which underpin it. CONNECT offers a forum to learn about approaches to development that are holistic, community-driven, research-informed, long-term and sustainable. 

Some of the agencies that youth have explored through Global Encounters programmes include: 

  • Aga Khan Academies
  • Aga Khan Agency for Habitat
  • Aga Khan Foundation
  • Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development 
  • Aga Khan Museum
  • Aga Khan Trust for Culture
  • Aga Khan University 
  • University of Central Asia


CREATE: Skill-Building Workshops

Are you a budding journalist? Have you always wanted to make a film or perhaps  start a project in your community? Do you want to learn how to code or kickstart your own business? It’s all possible at CONNECT!

CREATE workshops are one of the most exciting parts of camp.

Every participant will have a chance to choose one workshop to participate in for the duration of the programme. Workshops are led by educators, artists, entrepreneurs and young professionals. Participants can discover new concepts, develop skills and have an opportunity to be creative and collaborate with others.  

Here are some examples of workshops. 


GATHER: Community Building

In 2020, CONNECT brought together youth from 42 countries! 

One of the best parts of the programme is the opportunity to meet and make friends from around the world, encounter true diversity, and experience the unity of being part of a single community.  During CONNECT, participants will have fun engaging in community-building activities that bring our camp family together by creating bonds and connections across borders. 

Here are some opportunities to get to know others and build community at CONNECT: 

CABIN: Every participant is part of a virtual cabin that starts and ends the day together. This group stays the same for the entire duration of the camp so participants can get to know each other better.

GATHER: Every day, we will “GATHER” for engaging activities. Examples include: games, escape rooms, virtual home visits, human library, talent night, mini workshops. Expect a lot of laughter and bonding!

CONNECT LOUNGE: Participants can come hang out informally in the lounge in between sessions. There are virtual rooms for people to meet and various activities such as open mic, speed meeting, music and games.  


Please visit our “Frequently Asked Questions” page for more information. If you don’t find an answer to your question there, contact your Jurisdiction Coordinator or email us at [email protected].