As an initiative of the Global Encounters Alumni Association, the Global Encounters Internship Programme – inaugurated in 2019 – exists to assist alumni on their trajectories towards a life characterized by competent leadership, pluralistic understanding, and humanity-driven action. Each year, we encourage our alumni to engage in internships to promote their academic, professional, social, and personal development. To assist in this process, we have unique opportunities exclusively for GE alumni to assist them in experiential learning.

Five key objectives are delineated for alumni participating in internships:

  • To provide alumni with a high-quality opportunity for experiential education;
  • To allow alumni to participate in, at some level, service to humanity;
  • To broaden the life experience and breadth of knowledge of participating alumni;
  • To gain meaningful work experience; and
  • To promote an appreciation of diversity – be it of cultures, people, or professional sectors.

GE Internship Applications

Applications for the 2021 Internship Cycle are open. Please visit to access the internship application form. You will need to register for an account and verify your email address before starting the application. Please email the Global Encounters Alumni Engagement Team ([email protected]) with any questions about internships. The deadline to apply is 7 March 2021.  

Internship Partners

Our 2021 Internship Partners are:

  • Aga Khan Agency for Habitat
  • Aga Khan Education Services
  • Aga Khan Education Board
  • Global Encounters Camps & CONNECT
  • Global Encounters Digital (eSports/eArts)
  • IsmailiTV
  • Pamir Energy
  • Poverty Elimination Programme
  • The.Ismaili

Internship Terms of References can be found on the internship application form


Guide on How to Find an Internship