CONNECT is a virtual programme for Ismaili youth from around the world and is a joint initiative between Global Encounters and Aga Khan Youth Sports Boards. Registration for the 2022 CONNECT cycle is now open!


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Read below to see responses to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about:

  • Programme Details
  • Registration
  • Volunteering
  • Content and Curriculum

Programme Details

What are the programme dates?

CONNECT is a virtual camp for Ismaili youth from around the world. Camps will be seven days long, and will take place for 5.5 hours per day. The next cycle of CONNECT will be held from 25 July - 31 July 2022. Registration is now open at!

What times will the programme take place?

To ensure that Ismaili youth from around the world have the opportunity to participate in CONNECT, we plan to offer the programme across multiple time zones. The programme will be 5.5 hours in duration.

What does a sample day look like?

Every day at camp will vary based on the theme, featured guests, and special activities. However, you can expect that each day will have four key components: CABIN, EXPLORE, CREATE, and GATHER.

Do I need access to the Internet?

Yes. We will be using Zoom and other online platforms and tools for CONNECT. The platforms that we are using will be accessible to the vast majority of participants. If you have questions about Internet requirements, please contact the Global Encounters Jurisdiction Coordinator in your area or email [email protected]

How many participants will be admitted to CONNECT?

We anticipate admitting up to 750 eligible youth to participate in CONNECT 2022.

What happens if I need to miss a day of CONNECT?

One of the requirements to be eligible for CONNECT is to be able to attend all seven (7) days of the camp. Activities build on each other from one day to the next and everyone’s presence is required to foster our global camp community.  During the registration process, applicants will be asked to agree to commit to attendance for all seven days. Additional information about the attendance policy will be shared with admitted participants.


How do I register for CONNECT?

Registration forms can be accessed by visiting Registration is rolling and will close when the programme is full. The registration form includes sections for demographic information, extracurricular activities, and short answer questions. Registration forms will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  Efforts will be made to ensure diversity. 

Please note that your parent or guardian will also need to complete a form.  They will be sent an email when you enter their information into your application. Registration forms submitted without parent/guardian forms are not considered complete.

When I register for CONNECT, will I be automatically admitted into the programme?

When you complete and submit the registration form, the placement team will determine eligibility and placement. We request that you spend adequate time on your registration form.  Ensure that the information you have provided is correct and that you have answered the short answer questions thoughtfully. The CONNECT Team will share a formal letter with you if you are admitted into the programme. Feel free to use the “Contact Us” feature in the registration portal if you have any questions or email [email protected]

Is there a Parent/Guardian Form connected to the registration process?

Yes. The registration form will ask you to submit information for one (1) parent/guardian. Please verify that the information inputted is correct. Once you save the information on that page, your parent/guardian will receive an email from [email protected] with access to the Parent/Guardian Form.

What is the age requirement to participate in CONNECT?

Ismaili youth between the ages of 14 and 17 years old on or before 1 July 2022 are eligible to register for CONNECT.

I have attended CONNECT, Global Encounters and other Ismaili camps in my country.  Am I eligible to participate in CONNECT?

Yes, you can register for CONNECT as long as you meet the age requirements.

I attended CONNECT in 2020 and 2021. Am I eligible to participate?

Yes, you can register for CONNECT as long as you meet the age requirements. The content for CONNECT 2022 will be different from previous CONNECT camps.

What is the language requirement to participate in CONNECT?

The language of instruction for CONNECT will be English.

What is the registration deadline for CONNECT?

We will share dates to register for CONNECT 2022 soon. Check back here for additional updates.

What is the cost/programme fee to participate in CONNECT?

The fee to participate in CONNECT 2022 is USD $15. The programme fee will cover costs associated with acquiring a technology platform and learning management tools to support your learning experience. The process to pay the participant fee will be shared with you by your Jurisdiction Coordinator.

We anticipate you will need to be able to access basic school (stationary) and minimal supplies for your workshop choice. You will receive additional details before camp.

Is financial assistance available to access the Internet and for stationary?

Once you complete your registration form and are admitted into the programme, support may be eligible for those who need it.



I would like to volunteer at CONNECT. What volunteer roles can I apply for?

We are excited that you are considering a volunteer role. Below are prospective volunteer roles for the 2022 cycle:

  • Workshop Lead
  • Community Wellness Team member
  • Facilitator
  • Operations Director
  • Faculty

For more information on the required skills, experience for each role and deadlines to apply, please visit:

What is the time commitment to volunteer with CONNECT?

Pre-camp: Following the acceptance of a volunteer position, you will need to participate in pre-programme planning and a series of virtual training. You will also be expected to complete any pre-assigned readings to get oriented to the context and content of the thematic camp within which you get placed.

During camp: In addition to the formal camp times, you will be expected to join daily briefing/debriefing meetings.

Post-camp: You will be asked to complete a survey and to engage in debrief calls to help enhance future programming.


Content and Curriculum

How will CONNECT embrace aspects of a traditional, in-person programme?

The camp in its virtual setting will mirror many of the things you would experience in an in-person camp: cabins where you can meet and interact with others, facilitators who will mentor and guide you through the CONNECT experience as well as opportunities to learn, create, collaborate, celebrate and share. Interactions will happen within small groups as well as the entire camp coming together.

There will be many opportunities to meet new people, make friendships, and learn about each other just as there are with in-person camps. The difference will be that everyone will be in their own homes participating in the camp.

What will I experience in CONNECT?

CONNECT is designed to strengthen connections between Ismaili Muslim youth from around the world and an opportunity for them to come together in a virtual space. We will explore important themes and issues relevant to what is happening in the world right now as well as for our generation with members of the Jamat from all across the world. There will be opportunities to discuss, engage and socialize with youth of different cultures and backgrounds.

In addition to opportunities to learn about our global Jamat and our responsibility to others, there will be virtual field trips, opportunities to virtually visit and learn about the families of other participants, interactions with and exposure to AKDN institutions, fun and exciting activities to celebrate the things that bring us all together.

For more information, please visit:

What is a skill-building workshop at CONNECT?

During the programme, every participant will have a chance to choose one workshop to participate in for the duration of the programme. Workshops are led by educators, artists, entrepreneurs and young professionals. Participants can discover new concepts, develop skills and have an opportunity to be creative and collaborate with others. 

More Questions? Please feel free to use the “Contact Us” feature within the registration portal or email [email protected].