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The DJAC was an event organized by the Council for USA and the Ismaili Professionals Network (IPN). The organizing and leadership team pose for a picture.

“As a Jamat, we are fortunate to have access to the best education and opportunity to build for ourselves, and it’s now an opportunity to build for our children and our grandchildren...the themes of this conference are sharing knowledge, best practices, coming together, lifelong learning, and building for future generations. What is more befitting for the United States Jamat than to have this Conference as our last Diamond Jubilee initiative?” -Zahir Ladhani, Vice President, Council for USA

The Diamond Jubilee Alliances Conference is an energetic two-and-a-half day conference to enable an interactive knowledge exchange with talented Ismaili professionals from our various Alliance groups including Finance, Education, Media and Communications, Healthcare, Technology, Legal, Public Service, Business, and Finance.

Some of the glass weights from the collection presented to Mawlana Hazar Imam in Houston.

A rare collection of Fatimid era (909-1171) colorful glass weights was presented to Mawlana Hazar Imam on the final Mulaqat of his USA visit, in Houston on March 22, 2018.

 A participant sings at the Washington, DC., Jubilee Arts Festival

Visitors at the Jubilee Arts Festival were engulfed by the flair creativity the young Jamati members displayed on stage. Not only did they move the audience by their sheer talent but they also showcased the diversity of traditions and cultures that represent the Jamat.

Participants collaborate their musical talents using the tabla and rabob, both instruments of Persian influence

Bright green plastic melted at a scorching 185 degrees Fahrenheit and oozed out of a 3D pen. Sketches mesmerized spectators as they were lifted off of the paper. Onlookers stood next to the artist as he held up blocks of Arabic script and a group-crafted green diamond. On this table, viewers saw vision and technology unite to magically create works of art.