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Purpose: To find ways to present Islam in its true light as a faith of spirituality, peace and social justice.

The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, which aims to combat misperceptions of Islam and Muslim civilizations

Did you know that through the work of various Imamat institutions, Mawlana Hazar Imam has provided mediums, which address, and which the Jamat can use to address, misperceptions of Islam?

Ismaili CIVIC 150 volunteers in Edmonton during orientation at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore. Voluntary service is part of the ethics of our faith and a way in which we can be positive Ambassadors of Islam.

Did you know that being an Ambassador of Islam is not only about explaining Islam to others, but also about demonstrating the true nature of our faith by living according to the ethics of Islam and pursuing excellence?

The Alhambra Palace in Granada

Did you know that most stereotypes about Islam can be challenges with examples from the history of Muslim civilizations?

“Danger in the Desert” by Carl Haag (1867). European orientalist artists often depicted the Muslim world through a lens of violence, barbarism, backwardness, exoticness, and in other cases, presenting women as oppressed.

Did you know that stereotypes and misperceptions of Islam and Muslims have existed in the Western world for centuries?