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Children prepare for snack time at an AKF Madrasa Programme preschool in Uganda.

Canadian kindergarten educator Shamim Murji recently returned to her country of birth, Uganda, where she volunteered with the AKF Madrasa Resource Centre. She shares her impressions of their preschool programme and the impact it is having on children, teachers and their communities.

Sabeen Virani in Aleppo at the Church of St. Simeo

Sabeen Virani talks about the growing phenomenon of young people across North America going overseas to study, work, or volunteer. She recounts her own experience in Syria as well as other individuals’ ventures to places like Sudan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Uganda.

Sachin-Jigar in Dar es Salaam

Sachin-Jigar, Priya Saraiya, Harshdeep Kaur, and Divya Kumar will be performing at the Diamond Jubilee Hall at 9:30pm on Friday October 13, 2017.