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"Addressing a global challenge such as climate change certainly needs a multiplicity of perspectives to develop appropriate solutions."

The.Ismaili is pleased to publish an interview with Abyd Karmali, OBE, Managing Director and Climate Financing Executive at a multinational financial institution, and Vice Chair of the Aga Khan Foundation (UK) National Committee. Abyd discusses his perspective on the interaction between humankind and nature, and the implications of climate change in today’s rapidly changing world.

Good financial planning can help a family prepare for financial and economic changes. The Aga Khan Economic Planning Board for France recently launched a special programme specifically geared to families that promotes financial independence and well-being.

Traditional Maasai dancers welcome people to the International Bazaar and Carnivale Ya Kenya.

The International Bazaar and Carnivale Ya Kenya took place at Stone City earlier in the week and is set to repeat on Saturday evening. The event showcases the history and cultural traditions of Jamats and the countries in which they live.

On the eve of the Opening Ceremony of the Golden Jubilee Games, an International Bazaar and Carnivale Ya Kenya was held, showcasing the history and cultural traditions of Jamats and the countries in which they live.

Sabeen Virani in Aleppo at the Church of St. Simeo

Sabeen Virani talks about the growing phenomenon of young people across North America going overseas to study, work, or volunteer. She recounts her own experience in Syria as well as other individuals’ ventures to places like Sudan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Uganda.