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Younger members of the Jamat assisting in the HOPE for Puerto Rico event at the Orlando Convention Center.

The Florida Jamat came together to pack meals for hurricane victims after experiencing a major weather event themselves.

Highlights of the Jubilee Concert held in Tampa, Florida, September 2017.



Warda Ali, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, and Karim Sherali

There truly is a first time for everything. September of 2017 brought two new experiences for me: our city being targeted by the eye of a hurricane, and spending the two days following the hurricane volunteering at the City of Orlando Emergency Center.

The theme of “light” featured during the One Jamat celebration, was a reminder that the Imam’s guidance is the Nur that guides our path, leading us to a life of service and desire to leave the world better than we found it.

Countless opportunities to serve are presented to us daily. One does not need an official appointment or position to serve. Service starts with a simple smile or a few kind words to another. 

Khulsum Hussain Al-Virji smiling for the camera at the Diamond Jubilee in Orlando.

One of the things I love about major days at Jamatkhana, is that all the elders gather in the parking lot to drink chai and share news.