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Sabia que os Ismailis estão subdivididos em vários ramos? Descubra mais no livro “Uma História Moderna dos Ismailis”.

Esta semana, o External Relations Art and Culture (ERAC) faz-lhe algumas propostas de arte, para o seu bem-estar pessoal. Faça uma boa viagem!

Prince Rahim and Princess Salwa tour the Aga Khan University Community Outreach Centre at the AKU site in Arusha, Tanzania.

In early March, Prince Rahim, accompanied by his wife, Princess Salwa, visited Kenya and Tanzania, to better understand the plans and responses of the various institutions and agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) towards environmental sustainability and climate action.

Many educational institutions have transitioned from in-person to online learning, which requires students to adapt to a new learning environment.

In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, many educational institutions have transitioned from in-person to online learning. For students who are used to classroom settings, a different learning setting can pose new challenges, especially when trying to remain productive and motivated. Here are some strategies to adapt to an online learning environment.