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In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and postponement of our International Women’s Day celebration, the Women’s Activities Portfolio shares food for thought on how to build resilience in the face of adversity.

Relationships, whether they are between parents and children, husband and wife, amongst brothers and sisters or within the extended families are an important part of our lives that we must nurture and cherish.

At AKYSB’s The Dance Studio with Shaimak Dawar, participants groove to a variety of dance forms including freestyle and hip-hop. The Dance Studio is one amongst many attempts to make high-quality Art Education accessible to the India Jamat.

Since early 2016, the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board (AKYSB) in India has been working to promote the arts among young members of the Jamat through the development of a dedicated Arts and Culture portfolio. Curated by winners from the National Jubilee Arts event, AKYSB’s programmes in dance, music, and photography are nurturing an engagement with art and culture at an early age.

Ms Harue Oki, an art enthusiast and instructor, provided the audience an insight into the art of Ikebana.

The Japanese consulate and the Ismaili Centre, Dubai, recently partnered to feature the art of ‘Ikebana,’ which took participants on a journey of culture, art, time, and nature, reminding us to look within to find calm and peace.