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Dear Fellow Community Members,

Good evening. I last wrote to you a few days ago upon receiving Chairman Malik of LIF’s message from MHI. Since then, and over the past week, news about the spread of COVID-19 has become even more concerning. Several countries globally, especially the US and many countries in Europe have not yet been able to contain the spread of the virus. The number of cases has more than doubled over the past five days. Even more worrying is that fatalities are increasing at an alarming rate.

Led by Bollywood dance instructor and Arts Governance member for Burundi Aziza Jaffer.

O National Council em Portugal está a acompanhar a situação gerada pela propagação do COVID-19. Através deste link, o Jamat terá acesso a atualizações sobre as medidas que estão a ser tomadas para reduzir a propagação do vírus.

Zumba Warm Up with Tazmin Ajania-Manji