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The USA Jamat brings together Ismailis from across the globe from various countries, cultures and ethnicities. Zainab Khuwaja

The Jubilee Games Fanous was celebrated across all seven regions of the United States, where the American Jamat resides.

The Jubilee Games Fanous at the Aga Khan Park with the Ismaili Centre, Toronto visible in the distance. Akber Dewji

Over the past several weeks, Ismailis across Canada were brought together by the Jubilee Games Fanous, and in a few day’s time over 330 athletes and coaching staff from Canada will take in its glow in Dubai together with their brothers and sisters from around the world.

The video "Believe in Me" captures the rigour and passion with which the Pakistani athletes are training for the Games

With the 2016 Jubilee Games just a few days away, Team Pakistan’s practice sessions are well underway. This video captures the rigour and passion with which the Pakistani athletes are training for the Games.

Athletes from Team United Kingdom carry the Jubilee Games Fanous to landmarks across London on their way to the Ismaili Centre. Ismaili Council for the UK / Jamil Teja

Over the past three months, the Team United Kingdom Jubilee Games Fanous has been on an epic journey across the continent, visiting jamats in Germany, Sweden and across the UK. Watch as UK athletes carry the Fanous to famous London landmarks on its way back to the Ismaili Centre, London.

A giraffe inspects the Jubilee Games Fanous in Kenya. Ismaili Council for Kenya

The Jubilee Games Fanous has reached every Jamatkhana in Kenya. It has travelled to cities, towns and villages, wildlife conservancies, and other notable places. This video highlights these travels, and the pride of the Kenyan Jamat!