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A penalty shootout takes place during the football competition at the European Sports Festival 2019.

The European Sports Festival took place between 19-21 April 2019, at which over 1600 participants competed across more than 40 sporting categories. Hundreds of volunteers from across the UK and Europe also came together to serve across a number of areas.

Participants congratulate each other at the Netball competition during the European Sports Festival 2019.

Thousands of members of the Jamats of the United Kingdom, France, and Portugal jurisdictions came together at the University of Nottingham to Meet, Compete and Unite at the European Sports Festival 2019. Participants, spectators, and volunteers took part in a range of sports, daytime activities, and entertainment events spread across the Easter weekend.

i-CERV and the Ismail Volunteer Corps partnered with The Salvation Army to prepare gift bags for the homeless and vulnerable people in Nottingham.

At the European Sports Festival 2019, hundreds of volunteers from across the UK and Europe came together to serve across a number of areas, from sport management and daytime activities, to evening entertainment, and more. Thank you to all volunteers who offered their time and skills across the weekend, and who made the Sports Festival a memorable success.

An illustration of a polo game from a manuscript of the poem Guy u Chawgan (the Ball and the Polo-mallet) dating from 1546, during the Safavid dynasty in Persia.

Sports have been part of the human experience throughout history, as far back as Sumerian times (4000 BCE), and ancient Egypt. They were often associated with religion, making sports a sacred activity. In those times, common sports included wrestling, archery, and martial arts, each requiring meditation and intense concentration.

Inclusivity is an imperative ethic for the growth of any community. The only true disability which exists in society is the inability to accept and acknowledge each other’s differences. The Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board (AKYSB) in Pakistan, in collaboration with the Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBBC) and the Aga Khan Social Welfare Board, arranged a Blind Cricket and Bowling Tournament for differently-abled Jamati members from Gilgit, Hunza, Ishkoman Puniyal, Gupis Yasin, Upper Chitral, and Central Regions.