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The 2019 Aga Khan Music Awards will open with a concert on Friday 29 March in which the Gulbenkian Orchestra, led by maestro Pedro Neves, will perform new works with Master Musicians of the Aga Khan Music Initiative from Tajikistan, Syria, and Afghanistan. The event is expected to begin at 9 PM GMT and will be webcast at

All New Yorkers were invited to a community Navroz celebration at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.

A Navroz Celebration for New York City, through crafts and music activities that showcase the diversity of expression in the Ismaili community.

A selection of the IIS books donated to the Boston Public Library in January.

As an act of goodwill, community outreach, and to better inform the public about Islam and Shia Islam in particular, the Boston Jamat donated a selection of books published by the Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS) to the Boston Public Library (BPL) system in January 2019.

State Representative Safiya Wazir with US Senator Maggie Hassan. Photo: Becky Field.

At just six years old, Safiya Wazir fled from Afghanistan as a refugee of the civil war. Wazir lived in Uzbekistan for a decade before arriving in the USA as a high school student. At the age of 16, she had to master a new language, and become familiar with a new culture - and lots of snow.

Senator Anna M. Kaplan showed her appreciation for the Ismaili youth volunteers of Long Island, NY.

"When volunteers are taken seriously, the quality of their contribution and their own sense of satisfaction literally soar," said Princess Zahra Aga Khan at the International Association for Volunteer Effort World Conference in Edmonton, Canada, on August 25, 1998.