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Participants welcoming a guest into their Mosaic Family by using Magic Fingers.

There you are, a 14-year-old Guide waiting with your fellow Counselors, Guides, and Staff (CGS) for the first bus to come around the corner. You’ve never experienced Camp Mosaic before. You have been training hard for the past month — you’ve bonded with your team, learned all the songs, and played every Magic Box activity — but you’re nervous. You ask yourself: Are you prepared to handle the enthusiasm, energy, and excitement of 125 children?

United States Ismaili Games 2019.

The Ismaili Council for the United States, in conjunction with Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for the United States, is excited to host the United States Ismaili Games 2019.

Session conducted by Samina Noorani Kingsley on Teaming for Collective Growth and impact.

“Educating effective future leaders is a high responsibility. To do it well, we must look beyond the world which is passing from sight and turn our eyes to the uncharted world of the future. We must rise above the antiquated approaches of earlier days and instead infuse our students with what I would call three “A’s” of modern learning - the spirit of anticipation, the spirit of adaptation and the spirit of adventure. This will happen best in learning environments which are both serious and focused on the one hand, but which are also joyous and inspiring places, operating on the cutting edge of pedagogy and knowledge.” -Mawlana Hazar Imam, Aga Khan Academy Mombasa, August 14, 2007.

Aisha Rawjee of KYNAH in one of her designs.

Three female entrepreneurs with drastically distinct styles have taken the fashion world by storm as they followed a common calling to empower other women. KYNAH, meaning “woman leader,” is a Los Angeles online retailer founded by Aisha Rawji to offer a collection of traditional Indian wear with a twist. The Kayes is a Dallas-based online retailer, founded by sisters Neelofar and Alisha Keshavjee, and offers a relaxed, suburb-city hybridized western style for a fast-paced life.

Dolly Bana checking the blood pressure of a Jamati member.

While the “Golden Years” are often synonymous with rest and relaxation, Parveen Punjani wants her fellow seniors to remember, “responsibilities don’t end with retirement, and sometimes they multiply with age.”