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One of the initiatives during the Diamond Jubilee year of The National Task force for Jamati Programs and activities was the Global Village Program which encouraged the jamat to reflect on their own prejudices and showcase cultural diversity through various performances.

Syrian Dance Group

The programme - 'Global Village' was held in Bhuj - Kutch Jamatkhana on 4th May 2018 to make Jamat understand the concept of pluralism.


The landmark events that you live through create milestones in your memories, highlighting your life’s progress. You can look back at your life so far and these events, like postcards, will flash through your mind: your first pay cheque, the day you got married, the moment you first laid eyes on your newborn baby. The Jubilee of an Imam is one such event that holds a lasting impression and a sense of joy in the mind and heart of a murid. Some people are lucky to experience more than one Jubilee of an Imam. Some even luckier, experiencing Jubilee events of two different Imams in their lifetime. But it is a rare few that are blessed enough to experience two Diamond Jubilees of two successive Imams within their lifetime.