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A biennial flagship event of the United Kingdom Jamat that is now in its 26th year, NSF is much more than a sports festival. It is a celebration of Ismaili Muslim values, and an affirmation of the bonds that unite the Jamat.

The National Sports Festival – a flagship event of the Ismaili Muslim community in the United Kingdom – renewed itself during the weekend of 2–5 April 2010 at Loughborough University. With over 1 000 participants playing 11 sports and competing in 37 categories, NSF 2010 was the biggest edition in the biennial sports festival’s 26-year history.

Valentine's Day or not, looking after your heart is especially important for South Asians – particularly men – who are more at risk of heart disease than the wider population. However, there are many ways you can protect your heart whilst still enjoying delicious traditional home cooking.

Buying a loaf of bread, a breakfast cereal, or pasta used to be straightforward. But today, a wide assortment of grain-based products comes with a push to choose healthier whole grain varieties. Just what is whole grain, and what makes it healthy?

AKF Rural Support Team visits a farm in Syria to check on the new irrigation system.

During the past year, Sameer Kassam served as a volunteer with the Aga Khan Development Network in Salamieh and in Cairo. In addition to gaining an understanding of the AKDN’s work and local impact, Kassam also noted the links between the two cities.

Nurjehan Mawani

Nurjehan Mawani honoured by UNIFEM Canada - In 2007, Nurjehan Mawani was the recipient of the UNIFEM Canada award for her work in advancing equality for women and girls. In her acceptance remarks, she discussed the role that institutional imagination can play in addressing complex societal issues.