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Alykhan Boolani is currently High School Principal at Unity Preparatory Charter School.
With ever-changing pressures on the public school system, Principal Alykhan Boolani tackles systemic inequality with surgical precision.
Sarah Bana

Anthropologist Dr. Zahra Jamal speaks to a cross-section of the Jamat to discover what being an American Ismaili Muslim means to them.

Amynah and Amir Pirani in Houston.
In August and September, the global Jamat explored the first theme of the Diamond Jubilee year: “Celebrating the Grace of Jamatkhanas and Ismaili Centres in our Lives.”  We have focused, through various initiatives and programs, on the meaning and importance of Jamatkhanas to each of us, and the diverse ways in which we engage with and use our Jamatkhanas. This article highlights the role of Jamatkhana for one US family.  As we engage with other Diamond Jubilee themes through the course of this year, we will continue to highlight experiences of the Jamat with those themes.  
Purnur Illolova
The Jamats from Central Asia and the Middle East have rich traditions and cultures. What has been their experience in integrating into the US Jamat, and how do they retain their traditions?
At the Ismaili Centre in Lisbon, the majority of the building’s footprint is outdoors. Its gardens and fountains encourage conversation, social exchange and opportunities to host premiere events in Portugal.

It is difficult to imagine the Ismaili community without the Jamatkhana, and yet it has not always been a part of the Jamat’s story.