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Born in Afghanistan, migrating to Pakistan at age six, and then returning to Afghanistan three years later—due to the uncertain conditions within the region—Ahmad Farid Farhan says, “the best hobby I had as a little boy, was drawing and sketching on the walls around our camp.”

A screenshot from Amil Shivji's film Aisha.

Amil Shivji, a filmmaker from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, feels that “art is not an ideology; rather it is a method of communication.

Nuru Karim is an Indian architect and sculptor who believes that “art must be both experimental and innovative,” and it is exactly this approach that he uses towards his creations.

While working within the Ismaili institutions, Fahim Somani became interested in architectural art projects, especially typography, and was intrigued by the diversity of scripts found in Islamic architecture.

Nidal Al-Khalil, illustrator and animator from Damascus, Syria says the Jubilee Arts experience will “widen the scope of artists and enable them to reshape the artist community.”

Illustrator and animator Nidal Al-Khalil from Damascus, Syria says that he continues to research and learn about his craft because he feels that “this type of art shall have a positive effect on the receiver.” Nidal feels that words and images can combine to reach different members of society and reveal messages and “clarify vague concepts.” He believes creating a visual culture will “aim to create a balance between cultural, social and behavioral backgrounds.”