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Elaichi (cardamom).

Elaichi is a spice used in Arabic, South Asian and even Chinese traditions to add a sweet aromatic flavour to desserts, chai, curries and rice dishes. In both Ayruvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, it has been used to treat digestion and oral health issues.

Daraam (Pomegranate).

Daraam is a fruit with a reddish, leathery outer skin that houses edible seeds that are divided by white membranes. It is thought to be beneficial to your health.

Chuqander (Beetroot).

Chuqander are usually a deep red colour but there are varieties ranging from white, orange and even striped. Both the beets and their greens can be eaten as they are tasty and full of unique nutritious properties.

Badaam (Almonds)

You may have memories of your grandma telling you to eat “saath (seven) badaam a day.” Well, as explained in this latest Nutrition Centre A to Z article, research suggests that she was giving you good advice!

Amla (Indian gooseberry) is a tangy seasonal fruit that is high in vitamin C.

The Ismaili Nutrition Centre has launched a new series of articles on simple ideas for popular foods. This A to Z of different fruits, vegetables and everyday ingredients builds greater awareness of basic nutrition and encourages you to try healthy and easy ideas for preparing a range of tasty dishes. This week's entry is about amla, a tangy seasonal fruit that is high in vitamin C.