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Valentine's Day or not, looking after your heart is especially important for South Asians – particularly men – who are more at risk of heart disease than the wider population. However, there are many ways you can protect your heart whilst still enjoying delicious traditional home cooking.

Buying a loaf of bread, a breakfast cereal, or pasta used to be straightforward. But today, a wide assortment of grain-based products comes with a push to choose healthier whole grain varieties. Just what is whole grain, and what makes it healthy?

A sample Nutrition Facts label used in the United States.

Labels on the foods that we purchase today include measurements of calories, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, and fibre, among other nutrients. But what do the numbers actually mean?

When you are cooking, watching the amounts of fat, salt and sugar you add are essential to achieving a balanced diet. By making small changes to your cooking methods, you could be making big changes to your overall habits.

So, you like to cook and you’d like to try out one of the mouth-watering recipes in the Nutrition Centre. Well, that’s great – and it would be even better if you take a little time to think about how that recipe will fit in with your healthy lifestyle goals.