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A penalty shootout takes place during the football competition at the European Sports Festival 2019.

The European Sports Festival took place between 19-21 April 2019, at which over 1600 participants competed across more than 40 sporting categories. Hundreds of volunteers from across the UK and Europe also came together to serve across a number of areas.

"One Jamat, No Boundaries" themed wristbands await athletes and spectators at the 2016 ANZ Ismaili Sports Tournament. Sumair Khemani

The 2016 ANZ Ismaili Sports Tournament is taking place between 24–27 March in Sydney, Australia. See photo highlights from the Tournament here.

Children in the opening parade wave the Tanzanian and Ismaili flags in celebration of the 2015 Unity Games. Alkarim Pirmohamed

Ismailis from Eastern and Southern Africa gathered in Mwanza, Tanzania for the 2015 Unity Games, which took place between 3–6 April.

Athletes take part in the opening ceremony of the 2011 Ismaili Games Kenya.

At the close of 2011, Ismaili Games were held in Uganda and Kenya. Featuring a wide range of sports, the Games offered opportunities for members of the Jamat to come together and celebrate through competition and camaraderie.

In June 2010, Ismailis from Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur joined the Jamat in Penang, Malaysia for a sports day event. Numerous activities were organised, but badminton and table tennis were the centrepiece competitions.