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AKHB has organized a Wellness Clinic in Kansas City Jamatkhana every Chandraat. Wellness Clinic services include diabetes and blood pressure screenings, and consultations with healthcare professionals for adults 20 years and older.

Anusha Sadruddin, Maliha Ali, Shabina Shah, and Muskan Nisar from the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School in Hunza were awarded a prize for their Book Buddies application.

The first ever Technology Fair was held in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, established by Techscape in collaboration with Accelerate Prosperity Pakistan. Tech Fairs, Hackathons, and Boot Camps are events designed to bring technology enthusiasts together to meet and engage in collaborative computer programming.

An Arabic-script ambigram, where ‘Muhammad’ upside down is read as ‘Ali’ and vice versa.

This week, Shia Muslims throughout the world, including Ismailis, mark Eid-e Ghadir. The festival commemorates the pivotal event at Ghadir Khumm when, by divine command, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) designated Hazrat Ali as the first in the continuing line of hereditary Imams.

Man kuntu mawlahu fa Aliyyun mawlahu.

(Aquele para quem eu sou o Mawla, Ali é o seu Mawla.)