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Over the past few decades, astronomers have identified numerous tantalizing observations suggesting black holes are real, but the possibility of actually seeing one seemed like a pipe dream. All of this changed this past April when the world awoke to the first image ever taken of a black hole...

In this lecture, Professor Avery Broderick will tell the incredible tale of how a global collaboration of astronomers, physicists and engineers travelled to the ends of the Earth to synthesize a telescope. The size of the Earth, this telescope is the only instrument capable of probing the staggeringly small scales presented by black holes.

The Dreams and Dystopias exhibition in the Zamana Space at Ismaili Centre, London, offers an insight into East Africa’s diverse geography and colonial legacy.

Dreams and Distopias: East Africa at the Crossroads is the fourth exhibition to be held in the Zamana Space at the Ismaili Centre, London since its reopening earlier this year. The visual exhibit navigates the East African coastline through the lens of international artist Guillaume Bonn, to reveal a region perennially poised at a crossroads between two worlds.

Prince Rahim and President Naushad Jivraj share a light moment shortly before departing the Ismaili Centre.

On 10 October, Prince Rahim visited the Ismaili Centre, London to inaugurate the exhibition: Dreams and Dystopias, East Africa at the Crossroads, featuring photographic work by Guillaume Bonn.

The Aga Khan Foundation Canada is pleased to invite you to an evening exploring global health and gender equality issues in Africa and Asia. Join us to find out more about the struggles women in developing countries encounter. You will hear first-hand accounts of how Canadian-supported initiatives are contributing to improved health and rights for women and girls to those most in need. The evening will include a moderated armchair discussion with leading experts in the field, including Yasmin Karim, Dr. Shahirose Sadrudin Premji and Dr. Humayoon Helal. 

Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau faced opposing political candidates in an all candidates’ forum hosted by the Ismaili Centre Toronto on October 16.