The Ismaili eChess Cup FAQs

Please see below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

What is eChess Cup?
An Ismaili eSports & Fitness initiative, which is a Global Encounters program, and under the umbrella of the Jubilee Games will comprise of a multitude of activities that build on each other and culminate in a competitive tournament.

What is Tornelo?
Tornelo is a web-platform for running live arbiter-led Chess Tournaments.

What platforms can the eChess Cup be played on?
Tornelo supports the following:

  • Devices: Computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets
  • Browsers supported: Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Edge (Chrome is recommended for best experience

Note: Tornelo does not support using an iOS (iPad or iPhone) device with an operating system older than iOS 13.

What are the tournament categories?
Each National Council will be conducting national tournaments to qualify individuals for the International Block Tournament.  The Block tournament winners will then advance to the International Finals where the ultimate Ismaili eChess Cup champions will be determined. Categories being offered include:

  • Individual categories:
    • Adult: 8 individuals
    • Junior: 8 individuals
  • Team (will be held at Block and International, National Team tournaments are at the discretion of the National Council):
    • 2 teams per national jurisdiction
    • Team selection will be done by the eChess Leads following the respective National tournamentsEach team will consistent of 4 participants
    • Each team must consist of 4 participants including:
      • 1 junior and 1 adult participant
      • Both genders represented
      • Each player can only be used to satisfy one of the requirements (Table 2)
    • Each team should submit at least 1 reserve player per category at the time of participant submission to the International Tournament
    • Each team will appoint a captain/representative for the technical meetings and any communication during the event
Table 2: Team Example


Complete (Y/N)

Player fulfilling requirement

Adult Player


Abid Ali

Junior Player


Sophia Ali

Female Player


Salima Ali

4th Player


Junior or Adult

What is the cut off date for each category?

  • Junior: Open tournament for participants who have not turned 16 as of 4 April, 2021 (15 years and 364 days)
  • Adult: Open tournament for participants who are 16 years of age and above as of 4 April, 2021

What is the time control for the matches?
5 minutes + 2 second increments per move

Is eChess coaching available for beginners?
Yes.  National coaching sessions will be offered for beginner and intermediate levels.  International coaching sessions will offer a female only and an intermediate level session provided by Tornelo. 

I am an experienced chess player. Can I volunteer to be a coach?
Yes.  If you are an avid chess player and would like to coach others, you can sign up here

What are the proposed rules that participants must abide by?
The FIDE Online Chess Regulations is available here.  In the event there is any conflict, the eSports & Fitness governing body will be the principal authority.

What is the last date to register?
Please click here to see the registration deadline for your region