About The Ismaili eChess Cup

The Ismaili eSports & Fitness initiative, which is a Global Encounters program, and under the umbrella of the Jubilee Games will comprise of a multitude of activities that build on each other and culminate in a competitive tournament.

The Ismaili eChess Cup will continue the vision of Esports to sustain a culture of athletic excellence and physical and mental wellbeing within the Global Jamat, strengthen community identity and engagement, and enhance awareness and appreciation for Imamat initiatives.

The Ismaili eChess Cup entails the following components:

  • Talent: To attract and identify world class/elite e-athletes, stimulate their participation in eSports competition and create a mechanism to promote excellence within our talent pool through specialized training and harnessing existing talent.
  • Create a master directory of different levels of proficiency within the Jamat
  • Redeploy experts and coaches to support the development of athletes
  • Identify the number of first time eSports participants
  • Unite: To unite participants virtually to build relationships and create a network across e-athletes
  • Athlete engagement: Friendly matches, coaching, tournaments and other activities
  • Volunteer engagement
  • Engagement via opening and closing ceremonies
  • Awareness through engagement programming on Ismaili.org and Ismaili TV.
  • Identity: To bring together a large number of Ismailis which represent the Jamat’s social, economic, cultural and geographic diversity, to celebrate our diversity and shared identity
  • Create a forum to share cultural experiences amongst athletes
  • Connect coaches and participants across geographies to cross-collaborate