About The Ismaili eFootball Cup

The Ismaili eSports is a Global Encounters programme under the umbrella of the Jubilee Games, and will comprise a multitude of inter-related activities culminating in a competitive tournament. The first eSport selected for this segment is The Ismaili eFootball Cup.

The Ismaili eFootball cup entails the following components:

Coming Together, Competing Together: Through a popular gaming format, eSports offers the global Jamat the opportunity to connect digitally, and to celebrate excellence in eSports.

Relationship Building: eSports coaches from across the world help participants with skill development, while providing a platform to build long-term relationships, offering opportunities to compete but also collaborate.

Role Model Awareness: The programme will shine a spotlight on athletes from within the Jamat, to share their stories and successes so as to build awareness and aspiration.

Education, Learning and Growth: Content that educates and inculcates responsible online behaviour, creates a deeper understanding of the ‘digital world,’ digital etiquette, and parental controls.

Maximise Engagement: Non-participating members of the Jamat can engage through household watch parties, social media activities, regional and national spirit videos and several other spectator engagement initiatives.