Workshops and Interactive Areas


In addition to the main stage events, the Jubilee Arts International Arts Festival (IAF) will offer a variety of carefully curated interactive workshops to give you an even greater festival experience. Learn how to create your own short film or tell stories with pictures taken using your mobile phone, create harmonies using just your voice, or learn cultural dance moves from all over the world. You'll even have the opportunity to create your own visual masterpiece using a variety of media. The workshops being offered will engage and excite participants of all ages and skill levels!

A full list of workshops, including descriptions, dates, times and locations, can be found here will be available on the Diamond Jubilee Celebration site soon. If you are interested in any workshops, please arrive early as space is limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Part of the IAF experience will also include a variety of interactive spaces set up throughout the IAF grounds. Experience the magic of the arts, immerse yourself in virtual art, be part of creating a community exhibit, and capture moments with beautiful installations for lasting memories.

The full schedule will be available on the Diamond Jubilee Celebration website soon.