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A celebration in Lisbon, Portugal will be held from 5-11 July 2018, to mark the culmination of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee. Below you will find general information for those attending the celebrations, and you can use the sidebar on the left to navigate through the following informational sections: Explore Lisbon, Frequently Asked Questions, and Ticketing.

Important Information
Airport & transportation
Hospitality services
Safety and security
Health and wellbeing

Pre-departure checklist
Electricity and plugs
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View the venue map PDF here

Important Information

Welcome to Lisbon, where you will join members of the Jamat from countries around the world to celebrate events marking the conclusion of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee.

Below is the information you will need when you arrive into Lisbon, and attached you will find your QR code and a summary of your ticket reservations.

When you arrive at the airport, there will be a welcome desk at arrivals upon exiting the baggage claim, on the right side. The welcome desk will be available from 6 AM to Midnight.

To travel within Lisbon, there are several options including bus, metro, train, and taxi services. The closest metro station to the DJC venue is called ‘Oriente.’ Volunteers will be located at the metro station to help with directions. If you are traveling by taxi, set your destination as Parque das Nações or FIL.

When you arrive at the venue, visit one of the five marked check-in tents, and have your QR code ready to show either on your smartphone or via printout, along with a government-issued photo ID. Provisions will be made for attendees requiring special needs. Check-in hours are 10 AM to 10 PM, starting on 5 July and ending on 11 July. The venue will be open from 10 AM to Midnight each day.

Upon in-person check-in, you will be given a wristband. This will allow you to enter the various events for which you have registered. With the exception of the Jubilee Concert on the 5th, there will be no physical tickets. Tickets and reservations for shows, events, and exhibitions can be purchased at

Jamatkhana timings at the DJC venue will be 4 AM and 6 PM, from 5-13 July. Until 4 July and after 14 July, Jamatkhana will take place at the Ismaili Centre, Lisbon at 7:30 PM.

Important addresses:

Centro Ismaili

(Ismaili Centre)

Avenida Lusíada nº1

1500-650 Lisboa


Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL)

Parque das Nações

Alameda dos Oceanos

1998-010 Lisboa



There are two car parking lots are available for DJC attendees. Access to these is authorized for vehicles with stickers of the events, or wristbands.

The parking (P1) next to passeio das cegonhas is available from 5-11 July between 10 AM and 12 PM for all cars up to seven seats. Shuttles* from the parking areas to Praça Sony are available to DJC attendees.

The parque nascente (P4) is available from 5-11 July between 10 AM and 12 PM for light vehicles only. Jamati members may take the shuttle to Praça Sony from the shuttle stop at parking das cegonhas (P1).

*Shuttle service timings from 5-11 July: 10 AM to 12 PM

Airport & transportation

The Humberto Delgado Airport, also known as Lisbon Portela Airport, is the main international gateway to Portugal. Being one of the largest airports in Southern Europe, Lisbon Airport has two main runways and continues to expand.

Lisbon has several modes of transportation including the bus, metro, train, and taxi services. Please be aware of all options and how to use the systems. To find out more information, please visit the Lisbon Airport website.

Lisbon Airport has a metro station with a direct line to the city centre. The network of the metro makes moving around the city easy. The best part about using the Lisbon Airport metro is that it is inexpensive, quick, and most of all, you get to see the different subway stations of Lisbon, each with its own unique decor and theme.

Those who are not from Europe will need an international driver’s licence to rent a car. Europeans can use their regular driver's license.

Recommended taxi companies in Lisbon

Rádio Táxis de Lisboa

00351 21 793 27 56


00351 21 811 11 00

Taxi Tours

00351 96 412 06 73




Lisbon Airport metro fares

There are two zones for Lisbon metro. Please refer to the maps carefully before selecting your fare. The recently updated metro fares are:

Single: €1.40

Return: €2.80

Unlimited travel for 24 hours (including all Lisbon trams and buses): €6.00


For visits under 90 days, a passport valid for three months beyond the length of stay and issued within the past 10 years is required by all nationals from USA, Canada, Australia, and Britain.

Visas and passports are not required for EU nationals from Schengen Area countries.

Citizens from other countries need a visa to enter Portugal, which may be requested at the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate of your country, for stays up to 90 days.

For more information, visit

Hospitality services

The hospitality team will be available for assistance throughout the Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

They will also be present at selected hotels to provide assistance and information about the city, the venues, available transportation options, and the programmes and schedules.

They will also be present at the Information Desk, the Lost and Found and Lost Child services, at the venues.

Temporary wheelchairs will be made available for ad hoc support, to transport Jamati members, in need of such help, quickly from one point to another. Please bring your own wheelchair or walker if you need one on a permanent basis.

Safety and security

Jamati members will be required to undergo a security check prior to entering the Diamond Jubilee Celebration perimeter. The security process will involve electronic security scanning to ensure prohibited items are not brought within the perimeter.

List of prohibited items coming soon.

Health and wellbeing

A medical centre will be available onsite to assist with emergency medical treatment. First aid clinics and mobile first aiders will be spread throughout the venues. For any medical concerns or emergencies, immediately alert a first aid team member who will be identifiable with a red polo shirt.

All visitors are responsible for ensuring that they have adequate medical and/or travel insurance in case of emergencies. The first aid team members are not allowed to prescribe or provide any medication. Please ensure you travel with the relevant medication and corresponding prescriptions, especially those suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure or heart disease. Please also refer to the Terms & Conditions of your registration.

July is, on average, a very warm month in Portugal, ranging from 27o to 35o Celsius (80o to 95o Fahrenheit). Here are a  few recommendations:

  • Drink plenty of water for hydration

  • Wear light coloured clothing

  • Whenever you are outside, wear a hat

  • Apply sunscreen


The Parque das Nações was transformed from an industrialised, polluted and semi-abandoned location, to a premium site with numerous attractions.

In the spirit of urban renewal and rehabilitation, this area was chosen to host the Expo ‘98 World Exhibition, in celebration of the 500 years of Vasco da Gama reaching India.

A map of the venues is coming soon.

Services available at the venue:

  • Registration desks - for wristband activation and check-in
  • Onsite information desks
  • Lost and found
  • Lost child
  • Medical centre
  • First aid stations
  • Area for interfaith family members and interfaith caregivers
  • Luggage storage
  • OASIS (dedicated space for on-duty volunteer check-in)
  • Portable restrooms and powder rooms

Food at the Diamond Jubilee Celebration

The venues are surrounded by a variety of restaurants and coffee shops.

Portuguese, international and thematic cuisines can be found onsite and in the Vasco da Gama Shopping Mall, open from 10 AM to 12 AM, every day.

A designated area for food trucks will be available at the Pátio Mela.

Also see the Explore Lisboa section for more information on Food and Restaurants in Lisbon.

Pre-departure checklist

  • Please ensure you have booked your flight

  • Please make sure you have booked accommodation and you don't have any double bookings

  • Please make sure you have received a validation email for your Diamond Jubilee Celebration registration

  • Please make sure you have a valid visa, if required

  • Please ensure you have the necessary medications and prescriptions needed during travel


With a warm Mediterranean climate, the weather is another part of the country’s appeal. During the Spring months (March to May) one can expect sunshine and mild temperatures. In the Summer (June to August), the mercury will rise to 35 degrees (Celsius) Winter is a rainy season in Portugal, often carrying windy conditions, however the temperatures are still considered mild, around 10oC/50oF.

Check the weather forecast for July 2018.


The official language of Portugal is Portuguese. Even though you are unlikely to have problems communicating in English, here’s a list of useful Portuguese words or expressions that may help you get around.

Hello: Olá

We would like...: Queríamos...

Good Morning: Bom Dia

Excuse me: Faz favor

Good Afternoon: Boa Tarde

A glass: um copo

Good Night: Boa Noite

One bottle: Uma garrafa

Good Bye: Adeus

Water: água

Yes: Sim

Could you bring me some (more)...?: Pode trazer (mais)...?

No: Não

A little: Um pouco

Please: Por favor

I’d like to make a reservation: Queria fazer uma reserva

Welcome: Bem-vindo

Could you bring me the bill, please?: A conta, por favor...

Thank you: Obrigado/a (M/F)

Where is the bathroom?: onde é a casa de banho?

How are you?: Como está?

Help!: Socorro!

What’s Your name?: Qual é o seu nome

I’m lost: Estou perdido/a (M/F)

My name is...: O meu nome é...

Where’s (the underground station)?: Onde é (a estação de Metro)?

Do you speak English?: Fala Inglês?

Can you show me (on the map)?: Pode-me mostrar (no mapa)?

I don’t understand: Não entendo.


The official Currency is the Euro (€).

ATMs (Multibanco)

Portugal has a national network of cash machines (ATMs) identified by the symbol MB (Multibanco), from which you can withdraw cash 24 hours a day. Remember that there is usually a charge on ATM cash withdrawals made through international debit cards.

Currency exchange

Banks are open from 8:30 AM to 3 PM from Monday to Friday. Câmbios (Bureaux de Change) are available in hotels and at the airport.

Electricity and plugs

The power sockets in Portugal are type F and the standard voltage is 230V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. Blade plugs (US standard) are to be used in conjunction with a 230V transformer, as well as an adapter.

Useful websites

Useful contacts

Emergency number: 112

Lisbon Tourism Office: +351 21 031 27 00

Telephone information services: 118

Lisbon Airport: +351 21 84 13 500 | +351 21 84 13 700

Lisbon Tourism Police Station: +351 21 34 21 623

Portugal Country code: +351

Lisbon area code: 21