Registration: Frequently Asked Questions

Registration - Form Submission

Where can I register?

You can register at this link:

Can I register in Jamatkhana?

Registration will only be available online.

If I register online, am I automatically granted access to the Darbar and/or other events?

After you submit your registration, it will need to be validated by the National Council of your jurisdiction. Once it has been validated, you will be required to complete the form with your travel details. You will also need to bring your passport/IDs as well as the QR code attachment sent to your email to the Lisbon venue to collect an entry card / wristband – you will need this to access any of the venues. Access to some events (e.g. Jubilee Concerts, Jubilee Arts) will require the purchase of an entry ticket. Access to Darbar will be restricted to validated individuals in possession of the appropriate entry card/wristband.

How do I request a chair for Darbar?

You can request a chair on the registration form. Chair allocation will follow the rules defined in the Terms and Conditions.

I am not sure if I am going to Lisbon, can I still register?

Yes. You should submit your intention to travel by registering. In the event that your plans change, please inform the registration team immediately to ensure we manage the capacity constraints.

How old does my child have to be to register?

All participants need to be registered, regardless of age.

Will I be able to register at the venues?

No. Registration will NOT be possible at the venues.

Can I bring family members of other faiths?

Family members of other faiths are welcome to participate in the various events during the Diamond Jubilee Celebration; however, they will not be able to attend any religious ceremonies, including the Darbar.

How can I volunteer for the Diamond Jubilee Celebration?

You can indicate your interest in volunteering when completing the registration form. You will be contacted to provide further details.

Registration - How to complete the form

First name, middle name, last name

This should match your passport. It will be checked when you first arrive at the venues.

Nationality on passport

Enter the passport issuing country.

Email address

An email address can only be used once to register a family, it cannot be used to add multiple families. You may use the same email address for members within the same family unit.

Cell phone / home phone

These are optional fields. If filled, please use the international convention +country code phone number. For example: +351962100000

Country of residence

Enter the country of residence. This is required for the validation process.

City / town

Enter the city / town of residence.

With which Jamatkhana are you affiliated?

Optional field. Enter the Jamatkhana most frequented. Including this information will speed up the validation process.Optional field. Enter the Jamatkhana most frequented.


Indicate whether you are an Ismaili Muslim, a member of another faith, or an unaffiliated individual. Family members who are not Ismaili will be able to attend all events, with the exception of the religious ceremonies, including the Darbar.

Do you need a chair?

Persons under the age of 70 requiring a chair will be subject to the allocation rules. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Do you wish to bring your own wheelchair in the Darbar hall?

This information will be used to allocate space for your wheelchair at the Darbar.

Registration - After form submission

How long will the validation process take?

We will endeavour to complete the validation process as quickly as possible. Please ensure that all the information you provide is accurate and corresponds to the registration information you used when registering for Diamond Jubilee events in your home Jurisdiction. We recommend that you confirm your travel arrangements after your registration has been approved. Note that each family member is validated individually.

What happens if I am not validated?

If the National Council of your jurisdiction does not validate your registration, you will receive an email asking you to contact them in order to provide or correct any outstanding or incorrect information. 

Can I change my data after I register?

In case you have made an error on the registration form, it will be possible for you to access your record and change your data. However, once your participation has been approved, it will not be possible to make any changes. You can, however, add more family members to your registration record, at any time. Each family member is validated individually.

What if my registration record has members from different cities or jurisdictions?

The National Council of each jurisdiction will validate each registrant individually. Confirm that you have entered the right jurisdiction for each member, otherwise the registration will remain pending. The best way to ensure quicker validation is to ensure that all the information you provide is accurate and corresponds to the registration information you used when registering for Diamond Jubilee events in your home Jurisdiction.

How do I register minors?

Participants under the age of 18 need to be registered as part of a family. No members under 18 will be permitted to register as a main registrant of a family.

Can family members who are not Ismaili be registered?

All family members of an Ismaili must register through the same process, and should be included as part of their Ismaili family members for validation purposes.


Is there an information desk at the airport?

Yes, the Hospitality Team will be present at the airport to welcome you and to respond to any questions you may have.

How can I travel from the airport to my hotel?

There are several means of transportation in Lisbon: metro, train, bus and taxis. You will need to make your own arrangements for transportation to your hotel. 

How can I travel from my hotel to the venues?

There are several means of transportation in Lisbon: metro, train, bus and taxis. You will need to make your own arrangements for transportation from your hotel to the various venues.

Upon arrival at Parque das Nações (venue area) there will be signage and volunteers to direct you to the respective venues.

Is there hospitality support available at the venues?

Volunteers will be ready to assist you and guide you to the different programmes and activities, and provide information as required. There will also be an information desk at the venues.

Will wheelchairs be available at the venues?

Visitors with reduced mobility are encouraged to bring their own wheelchairs . A limited number of wheelchairs will be available at the venues only to provide help with transportation within the venues.


I have medical concerns. Will there be medical personnel on site?

A medical centre, staffed by qualified health professionals, will be available on-site, to assist with emergency medical treatment.

Ambulances will be on site and on stand-by.

All visitors are responsible for ensuring that they have adequate medical / travel insurance in case of emergencies.

Are volunteers and staff qualified to provide care?

All first aiders are certified by the Portuguese Red Cross to provide basic first aid.

Will first aid staff and volunteers provide/prescribe any medication?

The first aid staff are not permitted to prescribe or provide any medications. Please ensure you travel with the relevant medication, along with the corresponding prescriptions.

What should I do if my health needs have changed since registration?

Family members of participants who experience a significant change in medical status, such as a hospital admission, prior to the Diamond Jubilee Celebration, are requested to notify the Health & Medical Team in their local Jamatkhanas as well as inform the registration team at the email address provided.

Will there be first aid facilities available at the Darbar site?

Yes. We will have first aid stations and mobile first aid teams walking around the Darbar facilities.


Will there be transfer shuttles from the airport to hotels?

No. Visitors will need to arrange their own transportation to and from their place of accommodation. There are several means of transportation in Lisbon: metro, train, buses and taxis.

Will there be shuttles from the venues to Jamatkhana or to hotels?

No. Visitors will need to arrange their own transportation. There are several means of transport in Lisbon: metro, train, buses and taxis.

What means of transport is recommended?

Lisbon is well served with a network of different means of transportation. The Metro network covers a good part of the city, and buses and taxis are also available. You also have the possibility of using your private car or a rented car

Is there a travel card/pass available for that week?

Yes. The public transportation system has travel cards/passes that can be purchased in different points of the city, including at the airport and near the Venue. The hospitality team will be able to help you onsite.

Are there any fixed rates for airport-city travel?

Yes, through prepaid vouchers. Please consult the tourism office or our hospitality info-desk at the airport.

What is the most accessible means of transport to the venues?

The Lisbon Metro system.

What is the Metro Station for the venues?

It is "Oriente", on the Red Line.

How long is the journey from the city centre to the venues, by car?

Around 25 to 30 minutes, but please allow additional time for traffic, especially on event days.

How long is the journey from the Ismaili Centre to the venues, by car?

Around 20 to 30 minutes, but please allow additional time for traffic, especially on event days.

Will there be parking areas exclusively allocated to the event?

There will be parking areas for people arriving by car, and a shuttle service from the parking lots to the venue. The parking areas will be communicated in due course.

Can I use Uber and Cabify in Lisbon?

Yes. The Mytaxi app (iOS or Android) is also an option. Taxis in Lisbon have a dedicated lane for traffic, which makes them more suitable during rush hours.


Can I register onsite to volunteer my time?

You are advised to indicate your desire to volunteer during the registration process, before arriving in Lisbon. This will allow us to more effectively manage the allocation of thousands of volunteers from around the world.

Is there any accommodation or catering support for volunteers?

All volunteers will need to make their own arrangements during their stay in Lisbon. 


What is the Diamond Jubilee Celebration - Lisboa 2018?

The Diamond Jubilee Celebration will mark the conclusion of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee year. The celebration in Lisbon is a global event, and will include the International Jubilee Arts Festival, Jubilee Concerts, the Rays of Light and Ethics in Action exhibitions, as well as a a Darbar open to members of the global Jamat.

When is the Diamond Jubilee Celebration - Lisboa 2018 being held?

The Diamond Jubilee Celebration will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, between 05 and 11 July 2018.

How do I find out more about the Diamond Jubilee Celebration - Lisboa 2018?

The latest updates and further information can be found online at

What is The International Arts Festival?

The 2018 International Arts Festival is the inaugural event of Jubilee Arts where Ismaili artists from around the world will come together and showcase their talents in one of three anchor events: a Talent Showcase; a Film Festival; and an Art Gallery. The International Arts Festival is a unique opportunity for the global Jamat to experience our rich cultural traditions and plurality through artistic expression. The festival will be a multi-day event where Jamati artists, patrons, and volunteers will unite to celebrate the best artistic talent and capabilities across our worldwide community.

What is Jubilee Arts?

Jubilee Arts is a Diamond Jubilee International Programme that endeavors to create a deeper appreciation for the arts within the Jamat. Jubilee Arts will be a legacy programme of the Diamond Jubilee and aims to create opportunities for aspiring Ismaili artists from around the world to showcase and further develop their talents both during and beyond the Diamond Jubilee year.

What are Jubilee Concerts?

Jubilee Concerts is an international Diamond Jubilee initiative launched to provide a global platform for the Jamat to celebrate this historic occasion through music, and to encourage a greater appreciation for music among the Jamat and wider community. Jubilee Concerts is pleased to announce that two concerts have been organised as part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration in Lisbon.

What is the Rays of Light exhibition?

Rays of Light is an exhibition depicting Mawlana Hazar Imam’s commitment through the past 60 years to uphold the Ismaili Imamat’s mandate of improving the human condition. His humanitarian work has benefitted all; regardless of gender, race, religion, or nationality. This exhibition offers a glimpse of that work.

What is the Ethics in Action exhibition?

Ethics in Action provides an insight into the human dimension of the Ismaili Imamat’s efforts to improve quality of human life through the endeavour of the Aga Khan Development Network. As a Diamond Jubilee initiative, the exhibition aims to engage and enlighten visitors through a thoughtful and immersive experience, and illustrates how AKDN’s ethical underpinnings can positively influence development work around the world.

Do I need a visa to travel to Portugal?

You should ensure that you obtain the necessary visas for entry into Europe/Portugal. Please see this website for more information.

Where are the events going to happen?

The events will be taking place at the following venues:

The area where all the events will be held is known as Parque das Nações in Lisbon.

Where can I obtain entry cards to attend the concerts, exhibitions, and cultural events planned for the Diamond Jubilee Celebration?

Entry cards for the various events will be available online in due course. We recommend that you complete your registration and await confirmation before you purchase entry cards.