Pátio Mela

Pátio Mela is the central hub of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration, and will be open between 5 and 11 July 2018. It will be a gathering space to celebrate diversity, creativity, and community that will be open during the day and night, and will be spread across indoor and outdoor areas. The purpose of the facilities is to provide a space for the global Jamat to come together and engage in activities in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee.

Celebration, unity, and creativity are the elements that will be promoted in Pátio Mela throughout the Diamond Jubilee Celebration in Lisbon, Portugal. Pátio Mela is a space for cultural and artistic activities.

Features include the Expo Park, which will comprise of:

  • The co-designing area of the Chalk Walk for participants to create a large scale art piece on the outdoor festival grounds
  • The collaborative art spot of the Sentiment Wall to capture participants’ sentiments with thought-provoking prompts
  • Large installations of Lisboa scenery for participants to take digital photos and capture memories in Photo Park
  • 3D printing experience with a virtual reality tilt brush
  • A relaxing communal area, named ‘Chillout Lounge’
  • World Cup Café
  • Kids Zone
  • A range of cuisines to savour in restaurants and food trucks

Pátio Mela will also have live music and performances on various stages featuring musicians and performing artists from Portugal and across the world. 

Facilities will be open across indoor and outdoor areas during the daytime and night-time. Please visit the Pátio Mela FAQs page for details on the schedule including the timings, opening and closing ceremonies, and special services for children and senior citizens.