Excitement filled the Portugal Pavilion as over 400 artists came together on 5 July for A Estreia — the welcome gala for the Jubilee Arts finalists.

The gala served as the launch pad for a week of Jubilee Arts programming, which includes talent showcases, a film festival, and an art gallery, all featuring the global Jamat’s artistic talents. The gala brought together artists from 29 countries to unite around rich cultural traditions and a diversity of artistic expression. While the artists spoke a variety of languages, the gala emphasised that art is a global language which unites people from around the world.
The International Art Gallery, held in the Portugal Pavilion, which officially opens on 6 July, hosted an exclusive preview where finalists had a chance to accompany leaders of the Jamat on a tour of the gallery a day before the opening. During the tour, Chairman of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum Dr. Mahmoud Eboo spoke with enthusiasm about the vision for the Jubilee Arts programme, which has been decades in the making. He also acknowledged that, similar to Jubilee Games, Jubilee Arts will become a legacy programme of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Jubilees.
The International Arts Festival will host an art gallery, talent showcase, and a film festival throughout the weeklong celebration.