Launching the first day of the weeklong Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in Lisbon, the Kings of Rhythm concert energised the Jamat gathered in Lisbon from around the world.

The emotion and anticipation in the queues outside Lisbon’s Altice Arena at the Parque das Nações built up an infectious atmosphere of energy. As the Arena doors opened and the audience eagerly began to take their seats, there was an air of excitement among the concert-goers.

The night began with a special performance from the Portuguese Fado singer, Cuca Roseta, who delighted the audience with her powerful voice and the melodies of her accomplished band. She surprised and touched the hearts of the entire audience by singing Tum Hi Ho, composed by Mithoon, one of the most prolific Bollywood hits.

“This was an extraordinary performance that showed the quality of Cuca as a singer, and her versatility, by singing a theme that was not familiar or in her native language,” shared Nazim Ahmad, the AKDN Representative to Portugal.

Following Cuca Roseta’s amazing performance, Cheb Khaled, the Algeria-born artist famous for his songs Aicha and Didi, took the stage and energised the audience with songs performed in French, Spanish, and Arabic, much to the everyone’s delight. To close his performance, the Raï singer got everyone up to their feet and dancing to C’est la vie, which was accompanied by an impressive fire and light show, leaving the audience in a state of euphoria.

Vishal-Shekar, the dynamic Bollywood duo thrilled the crowds. Their magnetic performance entranced the audience.

“It’s about this group of people coming together for something really good, something really good for humanity. That’s what I appreciate. That’s what I love,” proclaimed an emotional Shekar during the concert acknowledging the global Jamat.

The variety of music and artists throughout the night reflected the values of diversity and pluralism cultivated in the ethos of the Ismaili community. “The global Jamat has came to Portugal to celebrate with us. The concert was intense, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of this week goes,” said Natasha Nazarali of Portugal.

The concert capped the opening day of events at the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in Lisbon, leaving spectators eager in anticipation for all that the week has to offer.

Sufi Voyage, featuring hit Bollywood singer-songwriters, Salim-Sulaiman, and Pakistani phenomenon, Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, will be mark the finale of the Jubilee Concerts series on 10 July at Altice Arena.